RWA (Ray Wyre Associates) are specialists in Child Protection and the prevention of Sexual Crime and Abuse.

Ray Wyre Associates was formed in 1999 and since this time has provided a wide range of services in the field of Child Protection, providing Expert Witness in Family Law Courts and in the Criminal Courts. Our other services include the provision of Consultation, Training, Assessment and Intervention services to a wide range of disciplines involved in the safeguarding of children’s welfare. RWA are employed as Child Protection consultants to organisations and RWA has also worked alongside the Police and other statutory agencies involved in the investigation of child abuse.

Pre-proceedings in Child protection cases.

New statutory guidance on pre-proceedings and rules on financing has meant that Local Authorities need to make greater effort for resolution of contested issues BEFORE proceedings are issued.

It is clear that greater use of Independent Experts at the pre-proceedings stage will be vital to assist this process and will allow informed decisions about interim and even long term management of children with recommendations for resolution in order to avoid the need for involvement of the Family Law Courts.

RWA recognises that this is a significant way in which our Expertise may be used and can offer the following services:

Where the risks are perceived or alleged to emanate from adults:

We can provide a comprehensive risk assessment of a convicted or alleged offender, provide an assessment of ability to protect of their partner or other prospective carer(s) and also make recommendations for Intervention which may resolve any deficiencies or risks highlighted in the assessments.

Comprehensive family assessments:

In addition to the adult assessments above we can also provide specialist staff to assess the children as part of a comprehensive family assessment

We would seek to identify each child’s needs taking account of their age(s), experience etc

It would include:

The child’s perception of family members, sibling(s) and adult/parent/carer(s)

The child’s understanding of the situation he/she and the family find themselves in

The child’s ability to protect themselves, including understanding of the safeguards in place to assist them should they have need

Placement needs

Educational needs

Special needs

In some cases, of course there are children in a family who are victims but are also a concern with regard to their own sexually abusive behaviour (See below)

Where the risks emanate from a child or young person:

We can provide a comprehensive risk assessment of the convicted or alleged young offender in order to assist with interim management of the risk, provide recommendations for Intervention and their future risk management in the long term. Through our partnerships with other agencies we can offer specialist Foster Caring for dangerous children and young people, providing trained and fully supported ‘expert’ carers who will manage the day to day care of the child whilst Intervention continues in order to address the risks.

Where there remains a hope of future family reunification for the child or young person who is assessed as a risk, we can provide a comprehensive assessment of the family to inform on the realistic management of the safety of other children within the family and the ability of the parent(s) to sustain management of the identified risks and provide a protective environment for their children.

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