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Welcome to RWA - Child Protection Services

The company was formed as Ray Wyre Associates in 1999. We became RWA Child Protection Services in 2004 to highlight the broader scope of our expertise. Since this time the Company has continued to develop, employing an increasing number of Consultants to provide a range of specialist services in Child Protection. 


We endeavour to continuously develop and improve our own clinical practice, and that of others by providing training to a wide range of Professionals involved in the Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. It is our aim to build on and progress the work we began together as Ray Wyre Associates, continuing into the future under the banner of RWA, Child Protection Services.


As an organisation we remain committed to developing the highest standards of excellence amongst our consultants and operating at the maximum level of independence, in order to achieve best practice as a Child Protection Organisation


Our main focus is in providing independent experts to undertake work in the following areas:

  • Risk assessment of adult male and female perpetrators of child sexual abuse. 
  • Risk assessment of adolescents with sexually abusive behaviours.
  • Risk assessment where child abuse is alleged but not proven.
  • Risk Assessment of individuals involved in Internet Crime - Grooming behaviour and/or the downloading of indecent images of children.
  • Family Assessments.
  • Assessment of ‘ability to protect’.
  • Safeguarding 
  • Court attendance as Expert Witness in a wide range of Child Protection related matters.

Intervention programmes for adults deemed to be a risk, non-protective parents, adolescents with sexually abusive behaviour and victim/survivors of abuse.

Specialists in the provision of Child Protection Policies and Protocols to Organisations and the development and maintenance of safe organisations.

Training and consultancy services to the statutory, voluntary and commercial sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Consultants and contributors to the media, including National press, television and documentary film companies.

RWA is an Umbrella organisation for the CRB and can provide a vetting service for employers and employees who require a Criminal Records Bureau check, up to and including ‘Enhanced Certificate’.

To those accused and their families:

The trauma involved, when allegations are made that you or your partner have been accused of sexual abuse, can never be underestimated. The need for independent assessment appears to be crucial. Often families are very confused in their feelings, distrustful of statutory agencies and an independent service can help them better understand the nature of sex abuse, whilst at the same time allowing for the possibility that the alleged offender is innocent of the allegations. At other times the alleged offender might be admitting the guilt and will be frightened of the current investigation and the likely outcome of forthcoming criminal and civil proceedings. In these cases an independent assessment can help in obtaining intervention for both the offender and the family.

Many families, whatever the final outcome, are entering a process where they often feel they have little control or information to help them understand the likely outcomes. Fears of custodial sentencing, loss of the children, break up of the adult relationships are all real fears that have to be faced. For an informal discussion on whether or not our services would be suitable for your situation please telephone 01908 225540.

RWA Child Protection Services  (Formerly known as Ray Wyre Associates) are consultants in the field of Child Protection, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Paedophilia, Sexual Crime, Sexual Offending, Downloading indecent images of children from the internet, Professional Misconduct, Training and Consultancy.

'Ray Wyre', 'Ray Wyre Associates', 'RWA' and 'RWIC' are all trademarks of RWA (UK) Co Ltd. All rights are reserved.

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